Eco-Friendly, Growth-Friendly and People-Friendly.

What is HFR?

As envisioned, High Frequency Rail (HFR) would deliver world-class transportation infrastructure that puts people first, and redefines the way we live, work and play. With over 1,000 KM of new passenger rail infrastructure between major city-centres including Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City, HFR would deliver new trains, tracks, civil infrastructure, structures and rail systems to service Canada’s growing population.

Increasing the separation of passenger and freight rail operations, HFR would deliver an enhanced passenger experience by providing more frequent, faster and reliable service on modern, accessible and green trains with an improved operational performance.

People reading and enjoying the view while sitting in a train car, demonstrating world-class transportation infrastructure that puts people first. Illustration

What benefits can we expect to realize with HFR?

HFR aims to be eco-friendly, growth-friendly and people-friendly. HFR has the potential to be world-class in terms of sustainable development, economic growth, transportation friendliness and citizen consultation.

Enhance passenger experience:


More reliable and improved on-time performance between Toronto and Québec City


Add new services to Peterborough and Trois-Rivières, and maintain connectivity between cities currently served by VIA Rail

HFR via

Integration into city centres by using existing stations or new alternative stations and explore opportunities for transit-oriented neighbourhoods with potential development opportunities


Improve integration with other modes of transportation (regional and local public transit, non-Corridor services) and provide targeted connections to places like Jean Lesage International Airport in Québec City and Montréal—Trudeau International Airport near Dorval


New dedicated passenger tracks to allow for greater control over track infrastructure including opportunities to utilize existing rights-of-way (industrial corridor, road/rail or hydro)


Scenery, including trees, plants, hills, and the sun in the sky. Illustration.


People walking through train stations in Ottawa and Toronto to travel to Montréal, their next destination, using High Frequency Rail. Illustration.


People of various ages with luggage in a train station checking schedules and boarding High Frequency Rail trains, travelling from Québec City to Toronto. Illustration.
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